ClojureX 2017 - a Sneak Peek

ClojureX 2016 was another in a long history of successful Clojure conferences, bringing together the Clojure community from far and wide in the amazing London conference location that is SkillsMatter.

What follows is a sneak peek at ClojureX 2017 (4th & 5th December) giving you some idea of what to expect.

Established speakers

We love to have a mixture of well known speakers and those new to speaking.

So far I can confirm that ClojureX 2017 will have Malcolm Sparks joining us as our first invited speaker. Malcolm is the founder of JUXT, a successful Clojure technology consultancy. Malcolm has invested in Clojure as the technology stack for the long term and expects to still be loving coding in Clojure in 20 years time.

Malcolm is also a contributor to many common Clojure projects including yada, bidi, mach & many more projects

Project Updates

We are aiming to add project updates from key contributors to important and exciting Clojure projects.

So we have invited back James Reeves, a heavy contributor to over 60 Clojure projects including Ring, Compojure and duct to name a few. You can see James speak soon at the ClojureX Bytes talk on 7th March where he will be discussing his new project Integrant, a data-driven take on the Component & Mount micro-framewors.

After a an enthralling talk last year, we are also inviting Yehonathan Sharvit to talk to us about the new features of Klipse (pronounced clips). Klipse is a Clojurescript project that provides a simple way to create an interactive journey into functional programming. You can add klipse to any web page or reveal.js presentation to make your code snippets live, enabling the viewer to evaluate and experiment with the code right there in the web page.

Kipse in action

Give Klipse a try for yourself or try the dungeon generation demo.

London Clojurians community

New Speakers welcome

We would love to have new speakers join us at the conference and its been great to see some of you speaking at this years London Clojurians talk nights already. We had a great talk at ClojureX 2016 from Gaivile Vezeviciute who shared her experiences on writing her first breakout-style game using Quil.

You may think you have nothing interesting to say, however this is one of the classic blockers that even experienced speaking feel. This happens even to established speakers and the only difference is they have a bit more experience to help them get over this feeling.

Experience reports are always welcome at ClojureX and so if you are working on Clojure as part of your daily work, then you have experiences to share.

I will be running a new speakers workshop once the ClojureX call for papers (CfP) is opened in about a months time. This will give you more insight in how to create a good tile and abstract as well as some of the topics that would be great to hear about.

If you cant wait for the new workshop, then talk a look at speaker workshop I did last year.

Videos from ClojureX 2016

All the talks from last years conference are published for free on the SkillsMatter website, so take a look and fee free to let us know which speakers and topics you want to see at ClojureX 2017 (4th & 5th December).

Thank you.

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