Hack the Tower - London hackday

A hack day for developers to work on projects together, build new apps or just discover how to get the most out of all the new shiny technology out there. There are no rules or prizes to distract you, except the infinitely valuable prize of knowledge, experience and fun.

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The next event is waiting for a new host. We will announce the next meeting in the following meetup groups:

London Clojurians

London Scala user group

London Java Community

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Rough agenda

The structure of the day is pretty open and follows this rough schedule:

Food shopping (Tesco)
Doors open
Share project ideas or technology you want to try
Team up and get going
Lunch time (provided by Salesforce)
Keep on hacking...
[Optional] Show off projects

Finally head to the pub or back home to feed the kittens

Venue Details

The event is hosted by Salesforce.com at their offices in London, near Liverpool Street Station, Aldgate East & Bank underground.

Salesforce. Floor 26-29, Salesforce Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY


If you have any queries about the event, either contact the organisers via meetup or tweet your questions to @HackTheTower

Tweet thanks for hosting this event to @SalesforceDevs and your host @jr0cket