This exercise is designed to show you how to create a Salesforce App using only declarative tools. The goal is for you to become familiar with declarative app building on the platform and to give you a useable app that you can put to work today.

What you will Learn

The example we will use for today’s lesson is a business case of managing Salesforce user requests and reporting back to management on our workload and deliverables.

What we will be building is a Salesforce Admin App to track user requests, feature requests, log notes, and interact with the user via Chatter. Because user requests can vary from new employees being on-boarded to existing users leaving the company, all of the requests need to be kept private.

As Admins we would also like to have fields that are accessible for the Admin and not users for internal notes. Finally, because we want to show our progress towards delivering new features/functionality we will build a simple dashboard to show management our progress.

Salesforce's Service Cloud app has a standard object, Cases, that you could use to model Requests, but in this example we want to explore creating a custom object.


This exercise is intended for Salesforce Admins new to the platform and for Salesforce Developers looking to get more experienced in declarative app building.


You should be able to successfully complete all procedures using the Spring ‘14 version of Salesforce.

Can I use my tablet or phone?

Most of the exercise can be completed using a tablet or phone, although screen size may be an issue with some steps, and a keyboard is convenient for Formulas.