Even Developers can Present

John Stevenson


We Developers are very social

No really we are !!

In no way are we shy, awkward, introverted…

Well not when we are sufficiently motivated

  • so find some motivation to talk!

Finding motivation

This is probably the hardest thing to do

  • if you are not motivated its easy to put it off

Think about what excites you (technically)

  • What languages do you love?
  • What frameworks do you worship?
  • What tools would you trade your family for?
  • What did you learn at work today?

What do you work on that you dont get paid for

What would you like to get paid to do that you currently dont!

What do you talk to your friends about

  • what are they tired of you banging on about?

Lots of other people will be interested in that

Share your ideas and stories at meetups

See what topics you feel comfortable talking about at events

What ever interests you, some other developers out there will also find interesting

Realise you have something to Say

Developers want to hear experiences from other Developers

In the land of the blind…

… the one eyed man is king

  • We all have things we dont know much about
  • We all have gaps in our knowledge and experience
  • Software Development is too big to know everything

Most Developers will be interested in most of what you want to say

Keep to the point

Start with a Lightning talk

  • Talk about something specific within 5 minutes
  • Realise you will over-run 5 minutes (everyone does)
  • Get some feedback on the content
    • what did developers find interesting
    • what do developers want to hear more about

Have a basic structures

You are telling a story, so there is a begining, middle and end


  • tell people why the subject is interesting (context)


  • the meat of the story, what happens, how does it happen


  • what was the point of the story, what should the audience do next

Little details

Some tips to get you going

Just the bare essentials

Dont go crazy with slides / bullet-points

  • just enough to support the story

Mix up the content

Use a mixture of images and text

  • different stimuli keeps people engaged

Stay focused on what you are talking about

Think about what you are going to say and why you are saying it

  • everything else is irrelevant

Projectors are not your friends

Check your presentation on every projector you meet

  • do it well before you start
  • check all the tools you'll use
  • ensure colours of text can be seen
  • check font size is big enough
    • sand at the back of the room and look
  • learn how to change font sizes quickly

Keep distracted while you wait to speak

  • play some music or find other distractions before you start
  • check you can change font sizes
  • start writing your presentation (advanced speakers only)

Say "Thank You" at the end

Pause afterwards so people know when to clap

  • remember developers can be a shy bunch, so be patient.

Enjoy it, we are all human

Developers are social and friendly

  • especially to other developers

If all else fails, think of the Nike slogan

Just Do It

Thank you….

(pause for applause)