Getting Started with Git & Github

John Stevenson


Managing code with Git

A distributed approach to source control


  • local repository, manage commits off-line
  • change sets for more detailed history
  • unique commit numbers rather than version numbers
  • easy to create branches, easy to throw away too

Git Quickstart Guide


Installing Git

Download Git Client from

Introduce yourself to Git

git config --global "John Stevenson"
git config --global ""

Set up some nice aliases


Edit your Git config file: ~/.gitconfig

  • add aliases for common commands & options
  • add a global ignore file
  • use external diff & merge tools

See my .gitconfig file for examples

Creating a local repository

Changes managed as unique data objects in .git folder

  • dont delete .git
git init

Git local workflow - overview


Git local workflow - commands

Just need to get familiar with 5 commands to start with

git status 

git add

git diff 

git commit

git log

Git status

Whats going on, what has changes?

git status
git status -sb

Git Status example


Git Status example


Git add

Tell git which changes make up the next commit (version)

  • refered to as staging or index
; adds everything
git add .  

git add filename.ext 

git add

Working with Staging

Easy to add and remove changes

  • nothing has been committed as yet
  • gives another level of comparison (diffs)
;; updates files in staging 
git add .  
git add filename.ext 
git add

git reset --HEAD 
git reset --HEAD filename.ext
git reset --HEAD

Git diff

View changes in your files, compared to the last commit

;; show changes made in the working copy 
git diff 

;; show changes made in staging
git diff --cache

Git diff - more specifically

Just show the words that have changed

  • use the option –word-diff
;; show changes made in the working copy 
git diff --word-diff

;; show changes made in staging
git diff --cache --word-diff

Git commit

Make a new commit (version) with everything in staging

  • option -m specifies the commit message (not optinal)
;; commit changes from staging
git commit -m "useful commit message"

;; commit changes from all tracked files 
git commit -am "useful commit message"

Git Log

See all the commits made

  • dates of commit
  • author of commit
  • keep track of branches & forks

Default log view is boring

git log


Customise the output to see the history better

git log --oneline --graph --decorate


Drilling deeper into a commit

Show the code that is part of the commit

git show 9690af6

Collaborating with Github

Github == Social Coding

  • share your code with others
  • keep a backup of your code (if your laptop dies)

Create a Github account (free)

Sign up at:

Add a public key to identify yourself

Github the big picture


Github forking

  1. View someone elses project on Github
  2. Fork the project to get your own copy
  3. Clone your fork and extend the project

Github pull requests

  • Commit your changes locally
  • push changes to your fork
  • click the pull reuest button on Github page
git add .
git commit -m "a new feature"
git push my-fork branch

;; Go to your repository on,
;; press the pull request button, add a message

Branching and Merging

git checkout branch-name

Moving things around

git mv filename new-filename

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