Kickstart you Hack with Git, Build tools & Heroku

John Stevenson

What is the first thing you should do at a Hackathon?

Well, the first thing after you have…

  • woken up
  • found a team
  • thought of an idea
  • had a discusson about that idea…

Testing out your ideas

Using Git to manage code allows you to:

  • experiment with ideas quickly
  • use branching to experiment in code
  • throw away code that is not wanted
  • go back to the great idea you had right at the start

Create a Git repository

Create a local repository

git init

Or create a shared repo on Github & clone it

git clone

Git Quickstart Guide


Learn more with Try Git


Hack away with confidence


How do you manage all the moving parts

Collaborating on your app

Use Github to:

  • Share a repository for code
  • Use Issues to define features & work on bugs
  • Use Github pages for docs / notes / designs

Github workflow


Build automation

Gives consistency for creating, building and running apps

  • Yeoman & Grunt for JavaScript
  • Graddle / Maven for Java
  • Leiningen for Clojure
  • Rake & Bundle for Ruby

Build tool demo

Lets play with:

  • Yeoman
  • Grunt
  • Angular
# Create an app using Angularjs
yo angular 

# Build the website
grunt build

Consistent deployment with Heroku

  • Deploy using Git
  • Provides a standard build & deploy workflow
  • Deploy as a team

Heroku workflow


What Heroku Provides

Helping Developers focus on their apps

Heroku has support for

  • Polyglot Languages & frameworks
  • Instantly scalability
  • Consistent deployment
  • Platform as a service

Extensive range of addons

Quick Demo

  1. Create an app from scratch (done)
  2. Create a local git repository
  3. Commit project code to local repository
  4. Create an Heroku app
  5. Git Push code to Heroku


What is the last thing you do at a Hackathon?

Demo your app

Avoid trying to wire everything up at the last minute :)

  • a consistent deployment helps you focus on a good demo

Tweet about your app

Show the judges what you are up to by tweeting the URL for you live app

  • get feedback during the event

Did the demo work?

Open the URL in a browser, or use the command:

heroku open

Thank you

Happy Hacking !!