Presenting with Emacs

John Stevenson

Emacs based presentation

Emacs gives a simple way to give interactive presentations


Cycle through slides under each top level heading


Expand one top-level heading at a time, allowing the audience to see progress through the talk

Web-based Presentations

Try Reveal.js

  • Nice animations in your presentation
  • Only need a browser, no PowerPoint
  • Share presentation on the web
  • Deploy the file on your server (eg. Heroku)

What is Reveal.js?

HTML5-based presentation framework, created by Hakim El Hattab.

Write presentations in HTML, present it by Reveal.js.

This page is a Reveal.js presentation. Check the HTML source codes.

Don't know HTML?

Try Org-Reveal, an Emacs Orgmode extension.

Export simple formatted Org text to ready-to-use Reveal.js presentations.


  • One Org documents, multiple export format.
  • Now Org knows Reveal.js!

Reveal.js is 2-D

Org-Reveal knows how to drill down into a subject.

Press the "Down" key on the page or the down arrow

Fragments in Reveal.js

  • Create
  • Fragment
  • At Ease
#+ATTR_REVEAL: :frag
   * Create
   * Fragment
   * At Ease

Reveal.js Can Alert

Change slide style to wake up the sleepy audience.

So do Org-Reveal.

** Reveal.js Can Alert
   :reveal_data_state: alert

Paste Codes

Paste codes in your favorite Emacs style.

cout << "Hello world! --C++"
     << endl;
 "Hello world! --LISP"
print "Hello world! --Python"

Display Math

Write equations in Org. Present equations in HTML5.

\(\lim_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0\)

$\lim_{x \to \infty} \exp(-x) = 0$

The Org Source

Get Org source text for this presentation here.

Get Reveal.js and Org-reveal