Scala Development in Netbeans and Ubuntu (And MacOSX)

The Netbeans IDE is a pretty lightweight but easily extensible IDE for different languages that run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM):

  • Java - native support
  • Groovy - native support
  • Scala - plugin - works with Scala 2.8
  • Clojure - plugin called enclojure

This article covers setting up Scala in Netbeans 6.8 in Linux (works on MacOSX too) - includes installing Scala 2.8, check out the Netbeans guide for Mac and Windows installs and other tips.

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Reading Code Faster Using Proportional Fonts

A lot of source code is written using mono-spaced fonts which seems odd when you consider most other published text you read uses a proportional font (eg. this blog post).

When reading a coding book, all of the text is in a nice proportional font so you can quickly read thorough the book, yet any source code included is often written in mono type just to make it lined up or to distinguish it from the rest of the text.

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