Contributing to Open Source Projects

This holiday season give the gift of code… or anything else no matter how small to help out your favorite open source project. By joining the 24 pull reuests website with your Github account, you can challenge yourself to contribute to 24 projects through December.

Here are some reasons why you should contribute to open source projects.

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Cycling Through Emacs Buffers Easily

Once you have more buffers (files) open than windows in Emacs, then having a quick way to cycle through buffers is invaluable. Even with 4 windows open, I still find myself using IBuffer, C-c C-x, many times.

Sometimes I just want to switch between the current and previous buffer in the same window. So this is how I tweaked my Emacs configuration (based on Emacs Live) to cycle through buffers.

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Hexo Theme Creating Image Styles

Adding images to a blog post helps the audience undersand what the will get from reading the article and if it will be relevant for the. Images also aid the understanding of the topic you are covering, especially if you are explaining something technical or more complicated.

The default theme for hexo only provides a single image style, so here I will create several styles of image to help convey the topic and details of every post.

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Hexo Tips When Upgrading to 2.6.X Onwards

Hexo has a bit of a refactor from version 2.6 onwards to make it a bit more flexible with regard to the node modules it uses. So when you create a new Hexo project you have to add some module to that project before you can generate your site. This is an easy step as its managed by the Node package manager (npm).

There are more details about migration steps on the Hexo Github project.

Here are the essential details and options for upgrading to Hexo 2.6 onwards.

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