Guiding Enterprises to Effective DVCS Adoption

In the UK many enterprises involved in software development are realising the competitive advantage of moving to a distributed version control system (DVCS). DVCS is now forming a vital role in their strategy towards continuous delivery. This advantage is gained not just in switching tool sets but by adapting to a more collaborative approach to development and fully understanding the opportunities this technology enables.

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Using Git for a Coding Dojo

Using Git for a coding dojo gives you a lot of support and should help your experiments and hacking go much smoother. As its easy to branch different ideas and throw them away, its more likely you will have something still to show at the end of the evening. Here are some tips on how to use Git at your next coding dojo.

A coding dojo is a place where developer gather and practice together. Dojo is the name for the training halls in Japanese culture use by martial arts students.

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Creating a New Project for the London Scala Coding Dojo

On the third Thursday of the month the London Scala user group runs a Scala coding dojo at Thoughtworks office. The event has a great atmosphere and is a really fun and friendly place to learn and practice the Scala programming language (and some TDD / BDD).

For the Scala coding dojo I use the Simple Build Tool (SBT) to create a new scala project as well as run the building and testing of that project during the dojo.

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