OpenSource Service by JenkinsCI - Free Half Day Workshop

I have been following the course of the discussions between the original core development team of Hudson and Oracle with great interest. I don’t pretend to understand Oracles motivations or goals, but am appreciative of the efforts by the original developers to keep this great open source product in the hands of the community and its move to the Jenkins name.

To celebrate this effort in my own small way, I have been invited to run a half day workshop on Jenkins Continuous Integration server at the London Testers gathering on 16/17th May @SkillsMatter.

The workshop will use all open source software to establish a Jenkins based continuous integration server, showing how to build multiple different projects and monitor the build process. I will cover some of the most popular Jenkins plugins and generate some good looking statistics and reports.

If you are already using Hudson and want to move over to Jenkins, there is a very clear migration guide available.

As the London Testers Gathering is taking over the whole of SkillsMatter for two days, there are lots of other activities that should appeal to developers, testers and operations roles alike.

Hope to see you there.

Thank you.

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