Google Search Page Major Revamp

Google Search page has been around almost as long as I have on the Internet, which is too scary to think how long this actually is. The main search page has been kept the model of simplicity, both in terms of design and of usability. This simplicity has helped Google become iconic.

Whist there have been a long running stream of tweaks to the page, very little of this simple design has been changed. With Google now reaching out with their Chrome OS operating system on devices like the Asus Transformer Prime, the main search page is in for a bit of a major facelift.

I must confess that I do rely on Google for a lot of services, not just search but also email, calendars, blogging, websites, RSS reader and so on.. So I am very keen to see what changes are coming to the search page and other services.

From the information available so far, things are looking promising. The clean and simple look is going to be retained and a new Google bar and menu system will help you move quickly between the different services.

The current black Google bar is replace by this with a more subtle design. The Google logo will provide an application menu and although this requires an additional kick with the mouse, hopefully it will make the Google apps I use most frequently easier to select.

When this new year present from Google arrives I hope I will find it a welcome one. Check out the blog post and video on this change from Google itself.

Thank you.

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