Atlassian Developers United in Switching to DVCS

Distributed version control systems such as Git, Mercurial and Bazaar have grown in adoption over the last few years, mainly by the desire of the technical communities to share code in services such as GitHub and Bitbucket. This growing familiarity with DVCS has been seeping into the Enterprise and development teams in organisations large and small are starting to adopt these tools.

Adoption of a new tool can be challenging, especially when you are also changing the mindset of developers.  To help you in your efforts to evaluate and migrate to DVCS I will be sharing how Atlassian made the move at the up coming Atlassian Unite conference.

As part of getting up close and personal with the local communities, Atlassian are running a one day “Unite” conference in London, Paris and Frankfurt.  As well as many of my colleagues sharing there development experience, I will be giving a breakdown on how Atlassian made the switch to DVCS and explain the value of this change to the business.

You dont need to be a rock star developer to use DVCS effectively, essentially its still just version control, but I aim to show you the developer and business benefits of making the switch.

Come along to the London Unite and pick our brain on all sorts of software development practices.

Thank you.

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