A Flavour of Developer Life in Sydney via Atlassian

Through my work with Atlassian I had the great fortune to visit their headquarters in Sydney this January, height of the summer in Austraila. Here is what happend.

Atlassian is a great company to work for and there is so much innovation going on (FedEx days, 20% time) its often hard to keep up with everything. It was great to meet Atlassians on their home ground and experience the amazing city that is Sydney.

There are great development teams behind each product all with a different story and set of challenges. The teams have adopted new technologies such as DVCS and figured out how to get faster developer speed by using Git & Mercurial. We all use our own development tools so we can discover what the developer experience is like and continually strive to improve it.

With our move to software as a services, OnDemand, the development teams also moved to more of a continuous delivery approach. So instead of a 97 day cycle, changes are dropping into our company wide dogfood-ing environment every two weeks - developers are never short of great feedback.

Sydney - a beautiful city

There were lots of wonderful places to visit whist I was in Sydney, I am not sure what my favourite was. I explored lots of beaches, wildlife centres and some of the exotic night life. Sydney is a coastal city, so there are lots of ferry’s help you explore. There is the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge which you can walk over the top of if you are feeling brave.

It was great to celebrate Australia day, the aussies really throw a great party - we had fun on Bondi beach where even the factor 50 was struggling to keep us cool, the water keeps us cool though! The evening started with a great meal in China Town followed by an amazing firework display in Darling Harbour.

Although it seems I experienced both the wettest and hottest days on record in Sydney, I still think its one of the best cities in the world to live and work in. Have a look at the highlights of my trip to get more of a feel for Sydney.

There is a lot of cultural diversity in the region, although thee is not a language barrier when coming from the UK (mostly). There are plenty of new sights, sounds and tastes to explore, whist still enough recognisable places, like Wagamama, to stop you feeling homesick.

Come along to the Atlassian roadshow on April 13th and find out first hand what its like working for Atlassian. Talk to us about the work we do and the way we do it. Ask us about life in Sydney and Australia, bonus prizes for finding Aussies that have actually been to Ayres Rock!!

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Thank you.

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