Hexo Theme Tweaks - Showing Articles as Titles Only

Hexo displays posts in a summary format by default, showing the title and content of the article up to the point where the more marker is used:

I like this summary format for the main page as its where people tend to browse a little more and usually want a little more information to help them decide if they want to read the whole article.

[TODO: Insert picture of summary layout]

However when someone selects the archive, category or tags section, they are most likely looking for something specific and so just showing the titles of the posts helps them scan the articles quickly.

So this article we will cover how to modify the default Hexo theme, landscape, to show summar and title only views.

Understanding the layout

Layout of the page is defined mainly in EJS format and then imported via the theme/landscape/source/css/style.styl file that is used to pull together a single style.css file for the whole site (once the site is generated).

All pages use the default index.ejs [is it index or layout - check the hexo docs] as a base template, over-riding it where desired. For the front page of the blog this is fine.

The archive, categories and tag pages all use the same code, however these are the files we are going to change


Lets first find out what changes need to be made and in what file.

Using Chrome developer tools

You can use the Chrome developer tools to find out the secion of CSS that controls the displaying of the summary part of the article.

It turns out this summary part of the content is managed by a section called article-entry. This is included in the file theme/landscape/layouts/_partial/article.ejs:

<div class="article-entry" itemprop="articleBody">
  <% if (post.excerpt && index){ %>
    <%- post.excerpt %>
    <% if (theme.excerpt_link){ %>
      <p class="article-more-link">
        <a href="<%- config.root %><%- post.path %>#more"><%= theme.excerpt_link %></a>
    <% } %>

I tested that this was the code rendering the article summary using the Chrome developer tools. I right-clicked on the first line of the code, the opening div tag, and selected delete node

Making the changes to the theme

There may be better approaches than I have taken, however mine is fairly straight formward. I simply take a copy of the archive.ejs file and called it archive-titles.ejs.

I then remove the above code completely from the articles-titles.ejs file and call that file instead from the archive.ejs, category.ejs and tag.ejs files.

So the archive, catagory and tag files are changed calling the archive.ejs:

<%- partial('_partial/archive', {pagination: 2, index: true}) %>

and now call archive-titles.ejs:

<%- partial('_partial/archive-titles', {pagination: config.archive, index: true}) %>

With hexo server running these changes are picked up straight away, so we can easily see if the changes worked as expected

[TODO: image of changed archive]

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