My Own Private Cloud - Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

I am in the process of installing the Ubuntu Enterprise cloud using the Ubuntu server edition. I intend to use the cloud for developer services to see how feasible it is to make those services a real commodity.

For example, continuous integration is a service that is growing in use for software development and has on occasion peaks of very high load. Some of the load could be distributed to the cloud as a service, reducing the need for extra capacity internally (which would not be maximised) and turning that service into an operational cost rather than a capital cost.

Some useful links for configuring and using Ubuntu Enterprise cloud:

Home | Getting started | Installation | VM Images | Architecture (pdf) | Forums | HybridFox |

Thank you.

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Gettng More Familiar With Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a way to use your computer (PC, Laptop, etc) to do all the common things you currently do with Windows or Mac but without the software licensing costs and restrictions. Ubuntu is free to use and has thousands software packages to choose from, however Ubuntu provides you with a good selection by default to get you started quickly (browser, office, music and photo managers, multimedia and games, etc).

Here are some ways to get more familiar with Ubuntu and make the most of community driven software.

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Moving to the Cloud?

When I started thinking about cloud computing, I asked myself some questions:

  • Is cloud something new?
  • Do we know what cloud is?
  • Is cloud just the sum of all the services available on the Internet?
  • Are we really moving towards something new (the cloud) or away from something current/legacy (the local data centre)?

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