Contributing to Open Source Projects

This holiday season give the gift of code… or anything else no matter how small to help out your favorite open source project. By joining the 24 pull reuests website with your Github account, you can challenge yourself to contribute to 24 projects through December.

Here are some reasons why you should contribute to open source projects.

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BDD With JBehave and Netbeans - a First Taste

This is a quick overview of how I created a simple hello world example using JBehave and Netbeans, following the BDD development practices.

Create a New Project

Create a new project in Netbeans Ctrl-Shift-N

Select a Java Application template (from the Java category) and call the project HelloBDDWorld

package org.jr0cket.scenarios;
import org.jbehave.scenario.Scenario;

public class IReceiveAGreetingWhenILogin extends Scenario {

public IReceiveAGreetingWhenILogin(){
super(new LoginSteps());


package org.jr0cket.scenarios;

import org.jbehave.scenario.steps.Steps;

class LoginSteps extends Steps {

public LoginSteps() {   }


This exercise is based on the two minute tutorial on the JBehave site, with some added details for Netbeans and a couple of corrections.

Thank you.

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