Creating Cool Slides With Emacs Org-Mode and Revealjs

Reveal.js has a whole bag of tricks to help you highlight the concepts in your presentations. I’ll show you how to write presentations with Emacs & Org-mode that make use of these features, whilest keeping your content as markdown text. I use a simple template with all the common features there as examples I can copy-n-paste.

I also have a Github pages site with example slides I have created.

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Thats What I Call Visualisation... Black Holes

Trying to see the heart of our galaxy even though its black… thats a major task for any visualisation project. Not forgetting the huge amound of space and the sheer volume of data required if you were going to map the galaxy accurately. This kind of scope is what I think about when people start talking about “big data” analysis as it helps me determine how relatively big their big data project actually is.

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