Hack the Tower February 2013

When 100 developers and 1 robot signed up for the February edition of Hack the Tower, across many technical communities in London, I could tell it was going to be a big event.

Heading out for a full day of coding @HackTheTower - excited about what people will create today #LSDC #LondonScala #LJCjug #LdnClj #robots

Developers arrived from different communities, including

@sandromancuso Yeah our little team is awesome, I believe we’re the last ones still coding :) @HackTheTower idea is great, I truly enjoy it!


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London Scala Hackday Powered by Heroku

Saturday 27th saw a great hackday thanks to Robert Rees, The Guardian and members of the London Scala user group. The ambitious challenge was to build an community website where events, conferences, blogs, code repos and community discussions were all available from one place.

There are several websites out there that do a part of what a community needs, to this project is trying to help bring all that together in one place. So the grand plans include, pulling in content from event sites, publishing events to sites, register at events with a single touch and widely distribute your interest and attendance automatically.

Or just have fun hacking on some cool technology and learning something new.

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