The Trouble With Being a Tyrant - by Darth Vader

Being a tyrant can be very hard work. It is easy to exploite most people as the world is full of people who want to be part of something and make their lives more meaningful.

Its quite easy to take this drive and exploit it for your own benefit and it is amazing how much people will tolerate.

Ah, but there is the rub. People will tolerate a situation and maybe complain about it to each other but generally do nothing to make change happen. There is general high tolerance for my tyrannical actions only encourages me to do more to see how far I can push things. This is often fed by a few close individuals that I consider my loyal entourage. Eventually I can push too hard and a few people of character get together and do something about my reign.

But by the time this happens I am in deep doo-doo! I have already gone too far and as a tyrant by nature I cant back down so I must go on fighting to the end, or preferably find somewhere else to go while my loyal troupe fight it out for me :-)

Your friend,

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