Beautiful Terminalation - Ohmyzsh on Ubuntu

I frequently use the command line because of its speed and am using ohmyzsh to make the experience more valuable and enjoyable. I configure ohmyzsh to use the powerlevel9k theme which provides lots of useful information as well as looking fancy.

Ohmyzsh with powerlevel9k theme in action

We are more connected to the work we do if its an enjoyable experience.

Read on for details on how to configure Ubuntu with zsh, ohmyzsh and powerlevel9k theme.

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Starting Nodejs Development on Ubuntu

Outdated: please disregard this article as it is out of date. I install node in my local filespace on Ubuntu now as its so much easier to manage. Basicaly I download the Linux binaries and put them in ~/apps/nodejs/current, then add ~/apps/nodejs/current/bin to my path using my shell profile (~/.profile). This makes using npm -g really easy and does not require the sudo command.

nodejs is a very popular framework for JavaScript development, but as I found out at the MongoDB hackathon its not that straight forward to get going. So here is a quick guide to get going with Node.js on Ubuntu.

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