UK Developers Getting Social With JIRA 5

Many software development teams struggle to get the attention they need because of the way their communication is managed. Having tools to enable the team to involve the right people at the right time makes a huge impact.

Having the right feedback can make the difference between a projects success and failure. So its great to see the tools developers rely on are adopting these social tools in a meaningful way, without just recreating Facebook. The end goal should be powerful tools that easily allow the whole team to reach the whole organisation collaborate effectively.

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Understanding Can Be Difficult if There Is Confrontation

When trying to share some knowledge or raise issues, I try to lead the audience (audience being an individual, team or community) on a thought trail rather than pointing out issues directly or just imparting the answer. By laying out a path of thinking, the audience is more likely to engage with the concepts or information you are imparting and become involved in path to the answer. Once on the path, the audience is more likely to accept the outcome.

Okay, so how do you start a thought trail, it sounds like a long, drawn out, boring process!

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