Clean Git Commits With Emacs Magit

An effective way to have a clean and valuable commit history is to create the smallest valuable commit each time, with a descriptive commit message. This sounds obvious, but when you are in the midst of work things can get messy. Using Emacs Magit you can be highly selective as to what changes you include in each commit, down to individual characters.

This follows on from staging patches for cleaner commits with the command line, git add -p. Also see how to drive Git with Emacs and Magit for more background.

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Contributing to Open Source Projects

This holiday season give the gift of code… or anything else no matter how small to help out your favorite open source project. By joining the 24 pull reuests website with your Github account, you can challenge yourself to contribute to 24 projects through December.

Here are some reasons why you should contribute to open source projects.

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Git Submodules Pros and Cons

Git is the version control system of choice by most developers, however when it comes to Git Submodules there is some contention as to their value. I have used them successfully and when you understand where they fit in you can use them to benefit your own projects too.

I’ll explain what Git Submodules as well as why some developers are using them and some developers warn you not to.

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Getting to Grips With Git - Understanding the Git & Github Workflow

Learning to use Git to version your development projects can seem a little strange at first, although once you have a few basics it quickly becomes a natural and fast tool to use.

Here are some of the basics of the Git and Github workflow in word and pictures, created from my mission to teach the world (starting with London) to use Git effectively.  If you just want an overview of the basic commands, see my Git Quickstart Guide.

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