Why Go to a Conference

There are a great many developer and tech conferences to got to and the numbers are increasing. Some of these conferences are free or free if you speak or volunteer, some are relativley cheap and some you may be able to persuade your company to pay for. But why should you even consider going to a conference in the first place?

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Create HTML5 Presentations Easily With Emacs and Reveal.js

Creating presentations with Emacs is quick and more collaborative than with other tools I have used. Using Emacs Org-mode you can easily structure and navigate your content. Using Org-Reveal you can generate a great looking HTML5 presentation using Reveal.js from your org-mode content.

I’ll show you how to configure Emacs, Org-Reveal and Reveal.js so you can create content in plain text and generate a themed, animated slide-deck that supports syntax highlighting for lots of languages. As your content is in plan text its easy to collaborate around it with Github.

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