Developer Workshops

A series of workshops to help you get started with common developer tools and services.

Developer tools


  • Clojure Kick Start (brainstorming)
  • Clojure Web Apps (brainstorming)
  • ClojureScript (planning)

Heroku - deploying & scaling apps

  • Heroku workshop - a new workshop to learn Heroku from scratch, by deploying a Java application and Postgres database (no coding required).

Work in progress Heroku workshops

  • Heroku for Scala apps with Play2 Frameworks
  • Heroku for JavaScript with NPM & Express
  • Heroku for JavaScript with Grunt…
  • Heroku for JavaScript with Yoman & AngularJS
  • Heroku Postgres

Hexo - blogging platform

  • Getting started with Hexo
  • Customising the Hexo theme

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