Scala Install Fest and Mini Dojo - May 24th

The London Scala user group are running a Scala install fest to get people going with the language and have a working environment to join in with the monthly coding dojo events. The wider goals of the install fest is to also decide how best to setup an environment for Scala.

Some of the concerts we are going to address include:

1) Decide on an environment to write tests and code
2) Get the environment installed
3) Decide on a project idea to work on for the monthly dojo’s
4) Practice with a quick dojo session (optional)

Here are some links for the available tools

Scala test (TDD) tools

  • ScalaTest - can test either Scala or Java code - BDD style
  • Specs - BDD style
  • Rehersal - scala class files ending in the name Test

Articles on test tools:

Suggestions for dojo project

  • Text based adventure game

Thank you.

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