Gettng More Familiar With Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a way to use your computer (PC, Laptop, etc) to do all the common things you currently do with Windows or Mac but without the software licensing costs and restrictions. Ubuntu is free to use and has thousands software packages to choose from, however Ubuntu provides you with a good selection by default to get you started quickly (browser, office, music and photo managers, multimedia and games, etc).

Here are some ways to get more familiar with Ubuntu and make the most of community driven software.

Ubuntu documentation

For those who are new to Ubuntu (and Linux and Gnome), then I recommend reading the Ubuntu manual as a great way to start using Ubuntu. Most of the documentation is available in a number of different languages.

Ubuntu Manual
A pdf book (online and in print) provides basic instructions for most of the software included in Ubuntu, making it a very handy one-stop reference manual.

Official Ubuntu documentation
A gentle starting place for new users, containing a lot of useful how-to articles for basic functions, like listening to music, surfing the internet, or editing documents. In addition, the Ubuntu Documentation contains answers to some frequently asked questions. Edited by a small dedicated team, the articles are less comprehensive, but are almost always easy to understand and read.

Community created documentation
A more comprehensive set of articles that are usually more detailed or technical, written and updated by the community.

Ubuntu guide
An unofficial guide with a lot of handy (and slightly more advanced) tips and tricks for Ubuntu users. The site also hosts a similar Kubuntuguide, for KDE users, and a list of open-source alternatives to commercial software. When visting the site, you will be redirected to the guide for the latest Ubuntu release.

Ubuntu Man pages repository
This website presents the manpages documentation that comes installed with most modern applications. While you can display these pages in the terminal using the man command, the Ubuntu Manpage Repository has nicely formatted pages (including a sidebar with a handy table of contents), a browser search plugin, and a powerful search engine.

Online Magazines

Full Circle
A free, independant magazine containing helpful how-to articles and reader submitted stories.


Full circle magazine

Podcasts: Mp3 | Ogg

Podcasts: Ogg High | Ogg Low | Mp3 High | Mp3 Low

add to rhythm box as feeds - if you have multiple computers you listen to podcasts on, then edit the preferences of Rythmbox to save the podcasts in the Ubuntu one folder.

News / Blogs

OMG! Ubuntu! - aimed at everyday Ubuntu users covering the latest developments, application updates and theme releases alongside opinion pieces, interviews, polls, etc.

Ubuntu weekly newsletter - reporting all of this week’s Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu action - all the Ubuntu news in one place

Planet Ubuntu - news and events posted by the Ubuntu community


Googlubuntu - Ubuntu specific filters to help find posts related to ubuntu issues and fixes.

Ubuntu Forums - discussion forums Ubuntu-uk mailing list and IRC channel 

Ubuntu Stackexchange

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