Google Wave - Going but Not Forgotten

Although Google have decided not to continue with Google Wave as a service, Google have stated that the existing site and waves will still be around into 2011.

It is a real shame that this service is going away as it was great for conferences and events and lots of other collaborative working opportunities. Perhaps when more people discover the benefits of collaborative working then another service such as rich as wave will emerge. Until then its back to either basic Google docs or pastebin, both of which are good at what they do but limited compared to all the plugins that were available for Wave.

I found another alternative to wave, PyGoWave, which looks promising but their public site is running on a test server (at the time of writing). Something to try out over the holidays.

I am also interested in running my own wave server in a box, but my Internet service provider may have other ideas about that!!

Lets hope we all find rich ways to collaborate with each other in 2011.

Thank you.

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