LG540 Android Phone With Ubuntu 11.04 - Managing Pictures

The LG540 Android 1.6 powered smart phone works very well with my Lenovo X201T tablet laptop and Ubuntu 11.04 (currently in development).

What works

  • Charging the phone - just plug the phone into a usb port with the supplied cable and the phone will start charging

  • Accessing the phone pictures - when plugged into the USB port, the phone asks you if you wan to mount the device so you can share files.  Selecting the mount button on the phone will cause Ubuntu to automatically mount the contents of the phones memory card.  If you have photos on your memory card then Ubuntu will also run Shotwell automatically and allow you to copy or move your files from your phone.

All pictures contained on the phone are detected by the photo manager software Shotwell, so if you are using something like Twitroid all the twitter profile pictures that Twitroid stores will be shown in Shotwell.

Thank you.

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