Ubuntu Unity - Switching Between Application Windows

I have really enjoyed trying out the new Ubuntu 11.04 beta release with the Unity gnome shell (desktop) and find it very fast and stable (after a quick upgrade).

As Unity is now using Compiz to drive lots of cool 3D effects, there are lots of new keyboard shortcuts to make use of.  Here are a selection of useful keyboard shortcuts using the “Super” key - the one that has either a windows logo or an Ubuntu sticker on it.

Super + w
Shows all the active windows across all your desktops

Super + s
Displays your virtual desktops, allows you to select a desktop or an application window on that desktop

Super + [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]
Pressing the super button plus a number will either launch an application or take you to the last active window of a currently running application.

Pressing the super key shows the Unity launcher with the dash.  When you select the icon for your application (you need to click once to hide the dash and a second to show you application window) it will take you to your application - or show you all the application windows if there are multiple windows open

Using the compiz configuration tool (ccsm) you can map these actions to other things if you so wish.  I use ccsm to map Super + E to show me the windows just on the current desktop.

Desktop toggle - Super + d
To toggle between the desktop an your applications, use Super + d key, once to hide all your applications and again to show those applications that were hidden.

Hope this helps with your enjoyment of Ubuntu 11.04 and I am looking forward to the release just before the very long bank holiday here in the UK.

Thank you

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