Confluence Supports Scala and Clojure Development

Clojure and Scala are two very exciting functional programming languages on the Java virtual machine (JVM) which provide many of the features than Java7 and Java8 have been working toward. There has already been a lot of activity around these functional languages in the UK, from financial services clients, media companies and developers who want to keep ahead of the game, all are getting involved with these languages now. Some of the top jobs are even mentioning these technologies by name.

With a long history of support for open source projects, it is no surprise that Atlassian support the development of Clojure and Scala by providing Confluence and JIRA to the project teams and wider community.

The Scala Wiki is powered by Confluence and is a great resource to help the commuinty develop Scala. The Scala issue tracker is also powered by JIRA, allowing the community to report bugs, detail feature requests for the language and submit patches and other cool code.

Atlassian are also using Scala within their products and you can get a Scala runtime plugin for free under the Apache open source license.

Not to be outdone, the Clojure development team are using Confluence to help evolve the Clojure language by planning activities and documenting the language design. The Clojure language itself is very terse but there is a great wealth of libraries (macros) to make use of and this Clojure development site should help developers collaborate on the direction of those libraries and the language design itself.

And dont forget more established languages on the JVM language are making use of Confluence, especially Groovy. All of the documentation around the Groovy project is managed on the site, along with a lot of other projects.

Confluence by Atlassian is one of the easiest to use collaboration tools out there, is highly configurable and has a wealth of plugins and integrations with other products. Confluence moved away from complicated wiki mark-up and makes it very easy to to great looking and well managed content.

If you are working on an open source project you can get your own instance of Confluence for free along with all the other Atlassian tools to give your project a great kickstart.

Thank you.

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