Java7 Launch Party

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Java  7 launch party at the Oracle UK headquaters the other week. It was good to see so much community involvement with the launch which helped set aside some of the concerns raised regarding Oracles appreciation of the community around Java, after a bit of a uncertain times during the merger.

Ben Evans, my colleague from the London Java community was hosting the UK talks, giving us plenty of reasons as to why we should be using Java7 as soon as possible.  As well as new language features there are a whole host of performance benefits, so many financial services clients will benefit from moving to Java7 soon.  Ben also gathered three very different Java customers onto the stage to tell their story about Java.

It was great to network with other people after the launch introduction and I look forward to catching up with all the technical sessions that were run.

There are lots of great additions to the Java 7 language. As I also do a lot of work with Scala and Clojure I am very pleased to see the support for these languages continue on the platform and to see some of the concepts from those languages filtering into Java7 and Java8.  Its great that we can have a stable language that thoughtfully evolves and still have other languages that are more on the leading edge.  This diversity is why I feel the Java ecosystem is the best place to develop.

What are you going to be doing with Java7, I am interested to know?

Thank you.

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