Software Developer Community Grows at JAX London 2011

At Atlassian we like to engage with people in the community and give them what they want - free stuff, great software and great events. Atlassian are therefore hosting a free community night at JAX London on Tuesday 1st November, with lots of free beer, t-shirts and special guest star Adam Bien.

Adam must have an open account with the demo gods! In less than 50 minutes he will build a Java EE application from scratch - live on stage, even including unit tests! No wizards, templates or code generation will be used and all the audience questions and feedback will be answered by updates to the code. This is going to be impressive.

The rest of the conference is shaping up to be the best yet. As JAX London is the largest Java focused conference in the UK its a great opportunity to get updated with the latest technology, as well as meeting lots of interesting and innovative people. This years sees a rich choice of topics, including NoSQL, cloud, architecture, languages, software craftsmanship, agile practices and of course everything Java & Java EE.

The conference is a great opportunity to get out of the office and learn something new, it’s hard to learn when you are always chasing issues - or they are always chasing you. Stepping back and having a few days to reflect and understand the root cause of your issues - and more importantly what you could do about it - is invaluable.

Monday 31st October sees all day workshops on Android, Java EE 6/7 and REST, the two following days are packed with talks on a huge range of subjects.

Its great to see so many people from the London technical communities there, sharing their knowledge and experience from the real people in industry.

Software Craftsmanship - why you should care if you want interesting roles in your career by Sandro Mancuso (who just landed a great new job).

Java / Java EE - Martijn Verburg and Ben Evans demonstrate how to spring-clean your codebase with Java7. Arun Gupta shows Java7 development in the cloud. Apache TomEE proves as a big app-server is not always the answer. Russell Winder drives GPars, a neat framework for managing concurrency and parallelism. Not forgetting a whole day of Spring.

NoSQL / Cloud - Ted Neward on the important aspects of NoSQL. Adrian Cole shows jclouds BlobStore gives testability for Java and Clojure developers and avoids vendor lock-in. Ian Robinson armed only with a Neo4J data store full of Doctor Who facts will have you answering questions like a die-hard fan.

Lucky enough to be speaking twice, I’ll be covering continuous deployment practices, tools and visualisations that help make it all work, highlighting many of the common obstacles. I’ll also show how to use kanban to improve the way you develop software as a team, finding ways to become more effective and build up trust with the management so they let you get on with it!

There is so much more going on, so check out the full timetable, have a look at the speakers to see who grabs your attention. With so much on I suggest you use the JAX London website to plan your attendance and get a customised schedule with just your favourite sessions.

I encourage you to do everything you can to attend, after all a conference is about more than just the sessions, its a chance to learn and grow for everyone involved. Come along and make connections and give your career development and motivation a massive boost. It’s a great way to get you waking up happy every morning!

Atlassian have an extra treat for you too, a 20% discount for the conference for everyone that gets in touch with us.
Thank you.

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