Clojure, Kanban and Continuous Deployment - Atlassian Ambassador Speaks Out

November is going to be an amazing (and exhausting) time as I am speaking, running workshops and providing Atlassian sponsored fun at the following events:

1st-2nd JAX London

4th-5th Mozilla Festival

  • Mozilla conference promoting open source projects

7th-11th W-JAX (Germany)

  • Getting started with Clojure

11th-12th CitCon

  • Unconference for the continuous integration community

14th-18th Devoxx (Belgium)

  • Largest developer conference in Europe

21st-22nd XP Days

  • Unconference for the UK agile community

26th London Java Community Conference

-Intro to TDD and BDD

So what am I talking about?

At JAX London I will be speaking about continuous deployment and how to make the best use of information radiators and dashboards to understand what is happening in your software development.

I will also be speaking about just in time development, using the kanban technique to manage your work effectively and enable a ‘yes we can’ approach to changing requirements.

At W-JAX in Germany I get down to the code and show you how to get started with Clojure, a functional programming language on the Java platform.  The Clojure language is a modern day (easier) lisp style and as it runs on the JVM you can easily call any object or class method written in Java.

CitCon is a great opportunity to share our experiences Atlassian Bamboo, Jenkins / Hudson and other continuous integration tools.  This will be the second year of this event and a chance to keep up with this rapidly evolving area.  I will be suggesting some topics to talk about at the start of this open space style event.

November 26th (its a Saturday) is the London Java Community conference.  As an organiser I’m biased when calling this my favourite, but it is amazing to see so much involvement from the London and UK community.  We also get some great speakers along too.  We are also planning workshops for those who prefer very practical activities and if there is interest I’d like to help people set up the whole Atlassian stack of product.

Events I am attending

Devoxx draws in a massive crowd of 3,000 people and Atlassian will be running a session where you can meet us face to face and ask us lots of difficult questions :-)

If I have energy left I hope to attend the Mozilla Festival at Ravensbourne University (next to the 02 dome).  Its an amazing building, designed with lots of space to help people communicate effectively.  I was there recently at their launch of Confluence for all their staff and students.

If you want to know what else I am up to, check out my public calendar for other interesting events coming up.

Thank you.

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