Super Special London Clojure Dojo

My brain was really challenged last night at the London Clojurians super special dojo event. The challenge for the evening was the really hard 4Clojure problems and they certainly were a challenge.

Our team picked some “medium” strength challenges and we managed to get one and a half problems solved in the hour and a half of the dojo.

The 4Clojure website is a great way to learn clojure by practising, i.e. deliberate practice. If you create a free account, you can also compete in the shortest solution competition, affectionately known as code golf as the lower your score the better your rank.

Our coding efforts were pushed up onto Phillip Potters Github account and I am looking forward to trying out some more 4Clojure problems over the holidays.

Hope to see you at the next London Clojurians event, usually every last Tuesday of the month (except December obviously).

Thank you.

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