UK Developers Getting Social With JIRA 5

Many software development teams struggle to get the attention they need because of the way their communication is managed. Having tools to enable the team to involve the right people at the right time makes a huge impact.

Having the right feedback can make the difference between a projects success and failure. So its great to see the tools developers rely on are adopting these social tools in a meaningful way, without just recreating Facebook. The end goal should be powerful tools that easily allow the whole team to reach the whole organisation collaborate effectively.

Some examples of useful social feature can be seen in the release of JIRA 5. Teams from London and beyond got together recently to discus the benefits of these new features and share the challenges they face in their organisations.

Presentation: JIRA 5 collaborative platform

UK Atlassian community meetup

JIRA 5 goes social

As well as a visual workflow, integration with Confluence activity streams, JIRA provides collaboration through mentions and sharing issues. If you comment on an issue and @mention someone, they are invited into the conversation. Likewise you can share an issue with anyone that has an email address to make them aware of what you are working on. These additions help you keep your workflows simple by allowing adhoc interactions on those issues than need additional feedback.

JIRA 5 Overview video

88 Reasons for JIRA - Seibert Media

Socialise with Atlassians and learn more about developer tools at Atlassian Unite and AtlasCamp Europe events in May 2012.

Building on JIRA

JIRA has some great tools built on top of it, as can be seen in an ever growing marketplace for open source and commercial plugins.

If you are a developer looking to bootstrap your own development, why not download the Atlassian software development kit (SDK) and use it to create your own tools around JIRA or Confluence?

The developer experience with the Atlassian SDK has evolved and together with a new set of RESTful API’s JIRA development has become stable, future proof and easy to get start with platform.

For some inspiration of what you can achieve, take a look at this doom-like video showing off the Minecraft plugin, created within 24 hours as part of an Atlassian FedEx day.

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