Git Interactive Cheetsheet for Visually Oriented Developers

Sometimes reading a big book or looking at a long list of commands is the last thing you want to do when discovering how to use a new tool. So it was great to find a very visual way to show the git commands and how they work.

Git Interactive Cheetsheet

The Git Interactive Cheetsheet from NDP Software does exactly that. By clicking on different stages of your development workflow, you can see the related commands that you can use. Hover over a specific command and you get a short description of what it will do. The site also shows you the direction in which those commands work, supporting your understanding of those commands.

In Summary

It would be great if more tools have this kind of visualisation around them, especially involving the developer workflow that they support.

I have created some basic visualisation of developer workflows using Inkscape, an open source drawing tool. The results can be seen at my developer guides on Github pages.

Thank you.

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