Cycling Through Emacs Buffers Easily

Once you have more buffers (files) open than windows in Emacs, then having a quick way to cycle through buffers is invaluable. Even with 4 windows open, I still find myself using IBuffer, C-c C-x, many times.

Sometimes I just want to switch between the current and previous buffer in the same window. So this is how I tweaked my Emacs configuration (based on Emacs Live) to cycle through buffers.

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Emacs Org-Mode for All Your Content

Emacs is a tool that just keeps on giving and Org-mode is a fantantastic way to create text based content and manage it effectively. As Org-mode is just a text format then it can be easily converted by Emacs into other formats (markdown, pdf, html, etc). I’ll show you how to create other formats from Org-mode, so you can confidently write everything in Org-mode and generate any format you need.

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Create HTML5 Presentations Easily With Emacs and Reveal.js

Creating presentations with Emacs is quick and more collaborative than with other tools I have used. Using Emacs Org-mode you can easily structure and navigate your content. Using Org-Reveal you can generate a great looking HTML5 presentation using Reveal.js from your org-mode content.

I’ll show you how to configure Emacs, Org-Reveal and Reveal.js so you can create content in plain text and generate a themed, animated slide-deck that supports syntax highlighting for lots of languages. As your content is in plan text its easy to collaborate around it with Github.

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Configuring Emacs Org-Mode to Managing Your Tasks

Emacs Org-mode has a feature called Org-capture that makes it easy to keep track of all the to-do’s that crop up as we work on projects. With Org-capture you can make comments across all your files and projects and link to them all from one place.

Here is how to configure Emacs Org-capture so you can quickly create new tasks relevant to specific files and easily manage them all in one place. If you are not familiar with Emacs Org-mode, take a look at my article: Manage your developer life with Org-mode.

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