Choose your git client

For the workshop the command line will be used so you can focus on understanding the commands that are used.

You can follow along with either a command line or graphical git tool. Please note that installing a graphical tool for git should also provide git on the command line, so no need to install both!

Command Line tools

You can simply install the git command line tools from

If you have Ubuntu, then you can use the Ubuntu software center or install git on the command line

apt-get install git

GUI tools

The simplest graphical tools to install are from Github. If you browse any repository on you will notice a “Clone in Mac” or “Clone in Windows” button at the top left of the page. If you have not Git tool installed, then you are redirected to a page offering to install the Github graphical git client for you.

Github client for MacOSX
Github client for Microsoft Windows
SourceTree for MacOSX & Windows

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