London Clojure Dojo - 27th September 2011

As always the dojo started with a feast of pizza and drinks courtesy of ThoughWorks, the perennial favorite it seems with developers (I use it at my Scala dojos for the same effect). A good turn out tonight meant the pizza went down quickly and we got onto the intros, with the monthly mystery question “If your names’ not Bruce, what would it be” nicely stolen from Monty Python.

Here are the details of what happend at the dojo this time around.

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Confluence Supports Scala and Clojure Development

Clojure and Scala are two very exciting functional programming languages on the Java virtual machine (JVM) which provide many of the features than Java7 and Java8 have been working toward. There has already been a lot of activity around these functional languages in the UK, from financial services clients, media companies and developers who want to keep ahead of the game, all are getting involved with these languages now. Some of the top jobs are even mentioning these technologies by name.

With a long history of support for open source projects, it is no surprise that Atlassian support the development of Clojure and Scala by providing Confluence and JIRA to the project teams and wider community.

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