Using Github Gists From Spacemacs

Github Gists are really useful when you want to share a piece of code or configuration without setting up a version control project. Rather than copy & paste into a Github Gists website, you can create a Gist from any Spacemacs buffer with a single command.

All you need is to add the github layer to your ~/.spacemacs configuration file and reload your configuration M-m f e R or restart Spacemacs. Lets see just how easy it is to use Gists with Spacemacs.

You can also use gist.el with your own Emacs configuration

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Contributing to Open Source Projects

This holiday season give the gift of code… or anything else no matter how small to help out your favorite open source project. By joining the 24 pull reuests website with your Github account, you can challenge yourself to contribute to 24 projects through December.

Here are some reasons why you should contribute to open source projects.

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Getting to Grips With Git - Understanding the Git & Github Workflow

Learning to use Git to version your development projects can seem a little strange at first, although once you have a few basics it quickly becomes a natural and fast tool to use.

Here are some of the basics of the Git and Github workflow in word and pictures, created from my mission to teach the world (starting with London) to use Git effectively.  If you just want an overview of the basic commands, see my Git Quickstart Guide.

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Github Tip - Using SSH for Secure Transfer

Using Github helps me share my code easily. In a public repository anyone can view code via the Github website. If you want to work with the code then you can use git clone to copy the remote repository to your development machine. The easiest way to clone the repository is to use its public http address.

However, if you want to push changes back to a remote repository, then you need to use https or Secure Shell (SSH). As you have to enter your Github username and password each time you do a pull or push, its much simpler to use the SSH protocol ``, especially once you have to set up a public key for a secure shell (SSH) connection to Github.

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