Create Content for Your Hexo Website

Hexo can create pages and blog post files for you using the hexo new command, so your content is created in a consistent way. If you want to create a new post you use the command:

hexo new blog-post-name

If you want to create a page

hexo new page page-name

Customising the Hexo templates

Hexo uses templates in the hexo-project/scaffolds directory. You can edit these files and create your own templates. If you create a template with a file name scaffolds/ then you create a new post using this template with the command hexo new hexo-post blog-post-name.

I want all my posts to have the same signature at the end, which includes a thank you and a link to my twitter account. So I edited the existing Hexo template for blog posts and added a few lines.

Thank you.

Now when I create a new blog post with hexo new blog-post-name it automatically has the extra content from the template.

At the time of writing, templates do not support swig includes, so its not possible to include an image. A work-around is to miss the % characters and just use { img /images/logo.png }, then add the % caracters back once the blog post has been created.

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