Hexo.io - Static Site Generator & Blog Platform

Hexo is a static blog and website generator created with nodejs (like Octopress without Ruby).

Using Hexo you can create your blog very quickly by writing your content in markdown, a simple text format with no-nonsense formatting. I write my markdown in Emacs using Emacs Live as a base configuration, this gives a very simple and colourful way to write markdown.

All content is presented using the a theme (of which there are many available) giving a responsive website that looks great on the desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Here is the approach I took to move my blog from blogger as well as adding other markdown tutorials I had created, all into one single Hexo website.

Creating your website with Hexo.io

Migrating Content from Blogger

Blog post on migrating content from Blogger to Hexo

Customising the Hexo Theme

Google Analytics

Add the google analytics to the Hexo configuration file _config


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